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As an artist with many stories and an interest in the human experience, Sumer Alhindawi communicates past and current global social issues through a parallel reality in which the artwork is a theatre stage, the art elements as the actors, and, himself, as the director. Working with a variety of mediums such as sculpting epoxy, acrylic, and oil colors, he manipulates artistic elements in the form of surrealistic, abstract, and dynamic sculptures, drawings, and mixed media in order to mold them together into a work that speaks volumes. Sumer’s work is about representing stories and voices that often go unheard, and with his unique and daring style and long years of artistic experience, he never fails to transform the intangible into a reality the observer is able to indulge in and experience.  

       Sumer Alhindawi  Book of 224 pages issued in 2010 


Diploma of Sculpture, Institute of fine art, Baghdad 1996.
B.A. of Sculpture 2000, fine art Baghdad University, Iraq.
Member of Iraqi Artists Society.
Member of Iraqi Artists Union.
Member of Society of Canadian Artists (SCA).
Member of Ontario Society of Artists (OSA).
Member of Fine Arts Society Of Milton (FASM). 

Projects & Exhibitions

2 x 1.6 m at the entrance of the Red sea Kempinski hotel Jordan 2019 

Group show at FarahSumer art gallery Amman Jordan 2019

4 x 1.2 x0.9 m local stone Halabat in 8.5 tons plus 0.9 m stone base at Ishtar Kempinski hotel dead sea Jordan 2018 

8.5 x 1 x 0.3 m sculpture and mixed media mural in the entrance of Eye Specialty Hospital, Amman Jordan 2018

Group exhibition at Milton Art Center ( FASM ) / Canada  2016, 2017 

Two murals 8.5 x 1 x .3 M  and 2.2 x1 M on the entrance of Eye Specialty Hospital  / Amman Jordan  2016.
Group Show and Art Auction at Autism Mena Foundation Supporting Kids with Autism. 2016   

Solo exhibition at Ishtar Kempinski hotel -dead sea.  Supporting  Refuge students.  Jordan 2015.
Solo exhibition at FA Gallery in Kuwait. 2014.
Has thirty-five artworks at the main entrance, reception, and the business center at Tangram Hotel. Erbil, Iraq. 2013.
Has an artwork titled “Toronto’s day and night” at the Government of Ontario Art Collection, 2012. Canada
Group exhibition 7x7 “Artist and Book” at Cairo Amman Bank gallery. Amman, Jordan 2012.
The 44th open National juried exhibition by Society of Canadian Artists (SCA)     at  Todmorden Mills Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2012.  
Group exhibition "Ontario Society of Artists Celebrates 140 years" at Aurora Cultural Centre. Ontario, Canada- Jun 2012
Has six artworks in the reception of Milia Hotel, Baghdad, Iraq. 2012
Group exhibition at Dumuzi art center.  Mississauga city, Ontario, Canada. 2012.
The 43rd open National juried exhibition by Society of Canadian Artists  (SCA) at Todmorden Mills Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2011.
Iraqi's group exhibition at Society of Jordanian Artist. Amman, Jordan 2011
A book has been issued entitled “Sumer Al-Hindawi” its contained 224 pages including artwork and projects from 1999 to 2010 / Issuing by Al-Adeeb Co. for publishing and printing - Jordan 2010
Solo exhibition at Orfali Art Center. Amman, Jordan-2010
Has 46 artworks and murals at Ishtar Kempinski hotel reception, VIP meeting areas, and Royal Suites. Dead Sea, Jordan, 2006 / 2010
Solo exhibition at Ishtar Kempinski Hotel opening, Dead sea – Jordan 2007.
Group exhibition at Lines Gallery, 2007, Amman – Jordan
Has a mural sculpture, size 16m x 1.7m, (three parts 5.5 each) at the Sheraton Hotel, Amman – Jordan 2007.
Has 8 murals (90x90) cm each in Ibn Batuotah mall, Dubai - U.A.E. 2006
Has artworks in Zahran Royal palace. Amman, Jordan 2004.
Group exhibition Arab Ceramic Art / Al Nahda Association / Riyadh Saudi Arabia 2003.
Group exhibition at Orfali Art Center. Amman, Jordan. 2003
Sharjah Biennial, UAE 2002. (Award in Sculpture)
Baghdad International exhibition, Iraq 2002. (Award in Sculpture)
Group exhibition at Akkad Art Gallery. Baghdad, Iraq . 2002
Has mural at Al Sa’aa Museum Baghdad 2002.
Group exhibition at Al- Inaa art gallery. Baghdad,Iraq. 2001, 2002.
Group exhibition at Alwan Art Gallery. Baghdad, Iraq . 2001,2002.
Iraqi Artists union exhibitions 2000, 2001, 2002.
Iraqi Artists society exhibitions 2000, 2001, 2002.
Sculpture Iraqi exhibitions 2000, 2001, 2002.
Babylon international exhibitions 99 / 2000 / 2001 / 2002.
Many murals and monuments, Iraqi King 4m, King Ghazi 2m, two bronze historical murals 3.5x1.8  each at public organization buildings, Baghdad, Iraq 2000-2003.
Designed and win the Monument of the Bridge of Al-Nasiriyah city. Iraq 2002
Worked as a juror at Fine Art College, The University Of Jordan. 2008, 2009, 2010.
Worked as an instructor at Fine Arts Institute of Baghdad. Iraq. 2000-2002.
Has Artworks and architectural artwork projects (public and private collections) in UK, Canada, The U.S.A, Spain, Sweden, Jordan, The U.A.E - Dubai , New Zealand , Qatar, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Lebanon, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan  ,Egypt, Turkey, Holland and Russia.

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