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The art I produce embodies the socio-political and cultural scenes happening locally and around the world, making it global in its identity. As a creator of art, I deliver my vision, thoughts, and emotions through my work that serves to stimulate the intellectual curiosity in the observer. Throughout the years, I have utilized a wide array of mediums and materials in the creation of my work, however, I have been particularly interested in mediums that serve to further preserve the artwork and its story for future generations. My style is not limited to a single perspective of art, in order to deliver a final product that bridges different forms of art and that is both inherently exotic and dynamic. Each artwork is a theatrical show of which I am the director. Each element in the work is an actor to whom I assign a specific role. Every show consists of a cast, and my casts consist of textures, three-dimensional forms, colors, lighting, shadows, optical illusions, and many more “actors” that work together in order to deliver my concepts and philosophy, present past and current social and humanitarian issues in a creative manner, and engage the audience with the show while leaving them with a memorable experience. Moreover, I truly believe that art is an international language that can be communicated anywhere. Hence, and due to its global direction, my art is found in many different settings around the globe, both the private and the public.


The creative process is a complicated journey full of hardships and challenges. The destination, when reached, however, is worth every sleepless night.

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